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During the project implementation, the consortium had the opportunity of introducing the VET_GPS in different events prepared by partners or by other organisations outside the partnership. In this section, we introduce the most relevant events in which the project was presented:

Lifelong Learning Platform Annual Conference

Every year, Lifelong Learning Platform offers the possibility to present European projects during their annual conference, which is the perfect occasion to exchange views with other stakeholders and learn from others. EfVET, as usual participant and member of LLLP, organized a successful presentation about VET_GPS project. VET_GPS is willing to develop and present a wide set of tools, guides and materials addressed to trainees, VET principals/managers, VET trainers/teachers. EfVET introduced to LLLP delegates the work done so far by VET_GPS partners.

VET_GPS project presentation at the International Conference “The Future of Education”

On the 28th and 29th of June 2018 the international conference “the Future of Education” took place in Florence organized by Pixel. Different lecturers, PhD students and professors came from all over the world in order to present their papers regarding the general theme of education. During the two days a poster session was organized where several posters concerning different researches and projects were shown, and among these Pixel had the opportunity to present the VET_GPS project.

IBOBB Netzwerk Steiermark fair 2018

Blick (AT) introduced the project in this fair related to the information, advice and orientation for education and work, in which there was also presented a study, in which 246 companies from 27 different business fields participated: "Requirements for newcomers to vocational education".

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