29 May 2019

VET_GPS project introduced to international stakeholders in Vienna!

Learning from Best Performers in Education International event took place on May 13, in Vienna, gathering participants representing different spheres and expertise’s from the education and training field. Promoted by Blickpunkt Identität, the ev

23 Apr 2019

Professional skills development in VET with Austrian Counsellors

In Austria, "Youth Coaching" looks after students and trainees from the individual 9th grade onwards. The offer of youth coaching is based on the principle of the voluntariness of all involved ones and can be taken up free of charge. The youth coach

9 Apr 2019

VET_GPS partners met to define the strategy for the implementation and testing of project’s products!

Vienna, 2-3 of April 2019, VET_GPS partners met for the 3rd time, to test and discuss about the main products of the project. This is a strategic phase of the project, in which the, majority of the products are almost finalised. The aim of this last

5 Feb 2019

VET-Business cooperation in the initial qualification of young people!

Focused in the reduction of the gap between the qualification provided by VET schools to young people and the demands of the labour market, partners of the VET_GPS project promoted and attended, between 11th and 13th of December 2018 a joint staff tr

15 Oct 2018

VET_GPS celebrates one year of partnership

VET_GPS celebrates this month one year since the partnership started to work towards the development of a wide set of tools, guides and materials addressed to trainees, VET managers, VET counsellors and VET trainers/teachers, in order to improve thei

14 Sep 2018

#2 Newsletter of VET_GPS project already available!

The 2nd issue of the VET_GPS project is already available for download on the website of the project. In this edition, partners invite you to explore the website of the project and give you some news related to the Focus Group implemented in Portugal

31 Jul 2018

The Lifelong Learning Platform Annual Conference took place at the crossroads the Bulgarian and Austrian Presidencies of the Council of the EU

Europe needs to place greater focus on its citizens’ transversal skills, as described in the Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning, increase their employability, but also and especially make them socially included and active citizens. However, ski

7 Jul 2018

Soft skills for professional success: VET centers in the track of trainees’ success!

Derio (ES), 3-4 July 2018, VET_GPS consortium met for the 2nd time to discuss how the strategies to support VET providers and professionals in the integration of practices and activities, fostering the assessment and development of trainees’ soft s

4 Jul 2018

VET_GPS project presentation at the International Conference “The Future of Education”

On the 28th and 29th of June 2018 the international conference “the Future of Education” took place in Florence organized by Pixel. Different lecturers, PhD students and professors came from all over the world in order to present their papers reg

18 Jun 2018

VET_GPS Focus Group

On 15/June Mentortec organised a focus group inside VET_GPS project (Project number 2017-1-PT01-KA202-035953), aiming to validate a list of soft skills identified as being relevant for companies, suitable to be integrated in VET. The focus group cou

10 May 2018

#1 Newsletter of VET_GPS released…

“Getting to know VET_GPS project” is the motto of the first edition of the project’s newsletter, released this week. In this edition, are introduced the aims, target groups and main results of the project, focused in the assessment and develo

13 Apr 2018

Do you know VET_GPS website!?

The consortium launched this week the official website of the VET_GPS website, a place open to VET centers/professionals, counsellors and representatives of companies interested in getting to know more about the assessment and development of trainees

4 Dec 2017

Qualified Young People on Companies!

VET_GPS: Guiding tools for Professional Skills development in VET is an Erasmus+ Project under Key Action 2, Strategic Partnerships, coordinated by Mentortec. With its begging on the 2nd October 2017 and duration of 2 years, VET_GPS aims at promoti


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