Training of professionals

Between September and November, a set of workshops were implemented in Portugal, Spain, Austria and Italy. Structured and addressed to VET trainers and counsellors these events aimed at:

  • Providing an overview and understanding of the VET_GPS materials and tools and how can be used;
  • Endowing VET professionals of knowledge and skills allowing them to test the VET_GPS materials and tools in their VET schools/centers;
  • Supporting VET schools/centers in integrating/defining a strategy to assess. Develop and consolidate VET trainees’ soft skills.
The workshops had a duration between 4h-8h and focused in four units:
  1. Unit 1 – Integration of Soft Skills in VET offer
  2. Unit 2 – Professional Guidance and Coaching of Trainees
  3. Unit 3 – Development of trainees’ soft skills in classes
  4. Unit 4 – VET-Business cooperation

Overall, the partnership implemented six workshops, 2 in Portugal, 2 in Spain, 1 in Austria and 1 in Italy, involving 71 counsellors and trainers of the VET system of the countries.
The feedback related to the workshops was quite positive, and participants consider that the:

  • training is relevant to integrate soft skills in VET offer;
  • contents of the training are interesting and relevant;
  • duration of the workshop is aligned with its objectives and approach;
  • workshop allowed the learning and acquisition of competences;
  • contents, practices and tools can be used by VET schools and professionals;
  • training supports, activities, tasks and assignments were allowed the learning and acquisition of competences
  • trainers provided the necessary support, were clear and efficient and promoted the involvement and participation of all participants.
In the perspective of the partnership, these workshops were crucial to:
  • identify schools and professionals to take part of the pilot test;
  • promote an internal testing of the online tool and collect some suggestions for improvement, that were incorporated before the pilot test take place.
The training plan and all the support used are available at the Professional Development area

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