Meet the partners

The consortium of VET_GPS integrates 8 partners from 5 different countries.

Mentortec (PT) is a business accelerator focused on the promotion and sustainable growth of technology-based start-ups and a Certified VET provider by the Portuguese Law, with wide experience and expertise in training and capacity building of organisations and professionals acting in the fields of education, training and entrepreneurship.
Andreia Monteiro | [email protected]
ANESPO represents 150 VET Schools in Portugal. By cooperating with Government entities and other VET stakeholders, it works to strengthen VET Schools’ role in communities, to define pedagogical principles, for VET Professionals’ training and in several innovative transnational projects.
Luís Costa & Susana Nogueira | [email protected]
PIT is a vocational training school co-operative that aims to serve companies and is committed to the comprehensive and on-going training of people. Each year the centre provides high quality technical and adult training for over 450 full time students and 1000+ adult part time learners. The college specializes in: Environmental Education, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Robotics, Sales and Commercial Management, Mechanical Design and Mechanical Production.
Anabel Menica | [email protected]
CECE – Confederación Española de Centros Educativos is a non-profit employer´ and professional organization founded in 1977. It represents a wide educational sector in Spain from nursery school to university level.  It has more than 1.200 Education and training centres among its members, what implies around 750.000 students and 40.000 teachers. 
Tomás Serrano | [email protected]
Pixel is an international education and training institution with 18 years of experience in international cooperation and European project management in different areas. Pixel works with different institutions and organisation worldwide and organise different education and training initiatives.
Andrea Anzanello | [email protected]
Connectis is a SME with a full time staff of 12 people. Connectis was founded in 1999 by a team of professionals with over 12 years of experience in the field of web design and software creation. In the field of European Projects, Connectis has experience in e-learning solutions for ODL, creation of web sites and internet solutions for professional learning.
Riccardo Rossi | [email protected]
Blickpunkt Identität, founded in 2006, is specialised in developing methods for integrating disadvantaged persons into the work life. The range of services covers training, individual coaching and counselling. On European level Blickpunkt Identität has been acting as project coordinator since 2009.
Office | [email protected]
The European Forum for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Brussels,, is the leading VET Network in Europe representing some 1.500 members VET Institutions across Europe.
Valentina Chanina | [email protected]
For further information or to participate in the project please contact Andreia Monteiro | Mentortec – [email protected]

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